Coral 1890

Company and history

In March 1890 Josep Coral Guasch Cover Productes Ceramics Casa Coral,"Ceramic Products Coral house" in a small local street Aribau nº 21, Barcelona, ​​dedicated to the marketing and distribution of materials for the construction and decoration, a few years later to the prosperity of the company was forced to move his business to bigger premises located in Ronda Sant Antoni 43 street (photo). In 1932 his son Josep Coral Casant decides to move back and up to date in today's Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 549.

In 1939 ended the civil war reduced the trade name according to the requirements of the ruling regime in Casa Coral, "Coral House"..

Later, in 1980, and already in the third generation in charge of his daughter Montserrat Coral Rovira, returned to change it to a more current name Ceràmiques Coral "Coral Ceramics".

Ceràmiques Coral "Coral Ceramics" is one of the few remaining family businesses since the late nineteenth century, and maintains its roots in the distribution and marketing of high-quality ceramic products and special products and parts and decorative finishes.

Our aim is to provide professionals in architecture, decoration, interior design and the particular quality finishes within the sector of coatings for floors and walls, adapting to changing trends that have been over the succeeding years.

At the end of 2014 there is a new generational change and under the direction of Oscar Vidal Coral, the commercial name in Ceramiques Coral Barcelona is updated, specifying the location of the company.

Currently under the name of Ceràmiques Coral Barcelona sell a wide range of brands and products, all national manufactured or in the EEC, complying with the guidelines, qualities and guarantees required by the EEC; We offer a wide range of models from the oldest to the most innovative design trends. (Flooring, Coatings, Sanitary, Plumbing, Screens, Bathroom Furniture, Equipment and Accessories).

For more than 125 years in the market have achieved a specialization in Ceramics Antique, Rustic, glazes, baseboards, painted by hand, hydraulic mosaic, terracotta, stoneware, porcelain, etc., to provide the best solutions in the restoration and rehabilitation, both in buildings and homes, giving natural appearance in those areas that require it to the time of the property. Visit our Catalogs where you will find a large selection of high quality products with the latest technological advances in digital printing in all trends and styles.

We also offer the possibility of reproduce tiles, the encaustic Cement for restoration.